Monday, December 30, 2013

Florals for Conversation

Greenery, not only adds color to a home, but it adds life. Faux plants are a great way to accessorize and add impact to a space with minimal cost. You can add plants that follow your color scheme or use something totally unexpected to bring in a pop of something new. These orange tulips break up the contemporary black on white feel in this room above for instance.

Tip #1:

Less is more. Don’t go overboard with flower arrangements and faux trees. You’re not trying to bring the outdoors, inside. Greenery should complement you r space with adding life and color; it should never overwhelm guests.

Tip #2:

As with pillows, scale your greenery. Make sure your centerpieces are in proportion with what you are styling.

Tip #3:

Symmetry! One small plant on a mantle is insufficient but try a group of small, similar plants for impact.

Tip #4:

Like mirrors, plants can add height to a space. Use a tall, romantic plant to add visual interest. Use shorter plants on coffee tables, side tables, and end tables to add some color in small bunches. Add interest to open space by placing a plant strategically behind a floating sofa like we've done here. 

For more ideas and pictures of how to incorporate florals into your home, visit us on Pinterest! We've pinned several of our favorites ideas here. "Remember that decorating your home is only the beginning: living in it means allowing it to change on a continual basis," Ann Grafton, Interior Transformations

Written by: Samantha Palacio

Friday, December 27, 2013

Designing with Mirrors

Everyone knows that mirrors are useful, but did you know they can also solve a wide range of decorating dilemmas? You can use mirrors to make a room look bigger, to bring a lovely outdoor scene inside, to reflect light in alluring patterns and to fill a void on a wall. A mirror won’t clash with furniture like a painting or photograph, and it can blend with any theme, from the simplest country home to the most upscale contemporary design.

Frameless Vanity Oval Mirror
Restaurant and nightclub owners have long used mirrors to create a mood. To attract customers, they place them strategically behind the bar to highlight the lights shining among the bottles. Mirrors often line exclusive dining establishments, where dim, provocative lighting reflects enough so patrons can still see their food and their companions while sharing the intimacy of both. You can duplicate this effect at home: place a mirror in your dining room and turn down the lights!

Apartment and condominium developers often rely on mirrors to provide the illusion of space and largess.  Walk into an empty condo with mirrors lining the walls, and you’ll feel as if you’ve just walked into a mansion. Full-length mirrors in tiny spaces make the walls look taller. Hang them sideways to create a wider feel in any room.
Uttermost Abra Bronze Vanity Mirror

Another trick is to strategically place a mirror near your front door so you can quickly check your makeup and hair or straighten your tie before leaving the house. A mirror hung opposite a doorway can let you see the three-year-old trying to sneak up on you. And full-length mirrors on opposite sides of a closet or bathroom provide for a full 360-degree inspection.

Although a frame-less mirror can accent many interiors, a framed mirror offers another way to add a dramatic, elegant, or rustic touch to your decor. Look for a plain black or brushed chrome frame to set off the clean lines of a contemporary setting. If you lean toward the more traditional, use ornate dark wood frames to match the elegance of your furniture. Rustic frames made from reclaimed wood highlight the natural elements of your home. Placing a large mirror framed in natural wood tones over your mantle complements your fireplace, anchoring it as the room’s focal point.
Coaldale Goal mirror by Uttermost

For decorative purposes, the height of a mirror is not that important, but for practical purposes, you should hang a mirror so that your eyes reflect in the middle of the mirror. Make adjustments as needed so that everyone in your family can see themselves without having to bend down.
Uttermost Jansen Silver Mirror

 If you don’t trust your instincts for design, here are a few standard rules for hanging a wall mirror:
  • The top of a mirror should be no less than six feet above the floor.
  • Keep at least 18 inches between the bottom of the mirror and the floor.
  • Don’t place any mirror in front of lights. The glare will make it difficult to see the reflection.
  • Leave three to four feet of empty space in front of a mirror so you have enough room to step back to get a fuller view.
  • A bathroom mirror should not be wider than the vanity. Center the mirror over the vanity, not to the wall dimensions.
  • When hanging a heavy mirror, use a drywall anchor if you can’t find a stud.

If you have questions about how best to place a wall mirror in your home, stop by one of our three locations and ask one of our consultants or contact us on the web and a Design Consultant will get back to you.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Rugs for Warmth

Surya Fusion
We all know rugs come in many different sizes and styles, but let’s face it: most of us are purchasing rugs for practicality. It’s a rarity these days to hear of a new home built with all carpet. That’s just not the “in” thing to do. We’re installing hardwoods in most of our common trafficked areas and then we’re faced with the dilemma that the floors are too cold. What do you do to warm up the space and preserve those hardwood floors? You lay down a rug!

It’s always humorous to me that customers remark on having spent so much money to lay down hardwood floors “just to cover them up.” The science of the situation is that hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain, but they do nothing for soundproofing. Who wants to get out of the bed and step on ice? You're probably not raising your hand right now. The purchase of a rug doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re covering up your floors. Truthfully, if you are using design ideas in mind, you want to keep the rug approximately 18” from the floorboards. This allows for vents, air flow, and depth, but that’s another story. The practicality of the rug is to warm up the room.
Surya Modern Classic

Depending on the space you may want something thick and fluffy like a shag in your family room or something flat and coarse like a flat woven rug in your kitchen area. A timeless hand knotted offers warmth and durability making it a perfect solution for beneath a bed or in a formal living room.  A hand tufted rug offers comfort and durability in a well-traveled living room but is also fire resistant making it perfect for in front of a fireplace. Beth Keim created this beautiful living space using a neutral Surya rug.

The Surya Calypso rug brings comfort into this eclectic space designed by Lucy and Company. They've dressed up builder's grade carpet and brought in both warmth and comfort. We love her local work!

From Traditional to Contemporary, rugs are always a good choice for introducing warmth into your home. Accentuate with bold color or blend in with a neutral tone.
We've got options for everyone! Stay tuned for a lesson on Designing with Mirrors later this week.
Written by: Samantha Palacio

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fluff it Up

Boho Artista by Villa

We’re talking comfort and warmth this season, folks. The holidays are not just a time for gathering, but a time for presentation. With all the family and friends visiting, you are conscious of placement and decor within your home. You want to have just the right amount of seating, the perfect lighting for that gorgeous tree, and cozy places to snuggle with hot cocoa. Pillows are one of the least expensive ways to pack a big punch in your home. They are versatile, colorful, and come in multiple shapes and sizes.

Trend #1: Floor Cushions

Taking large, over-sized pillows and using them as seating for little ones around a coffee table is an expensive and comfortable option. This same idea can be transitioned to holiday festivities when needing to gather family and friends around the tree. Introduce large pillows or poufs into your space at costs well under $100.

Trend #2: Mixing Color & Pattern

Moe's Home Lamb Fur Pillow
Feel free to ditch the standard matchy-matchy pillows that came with that sofa. It’s all about mixing it up these days. Introduce complementary shades into your space in various sizes to create some depth. Pattern is fine to mix and actually encouraged, just keep the scale consistent. Our Villa pillows are making waves at Rug & Home for their trendy geometric patterns and plush down centers. Beaded pillows are visually appealing but they aren't for comfort. We’re throwing embellishments back in the closet and packing punch with pillows that offer not only trendy color palettes, but function for the money.

Trend #3: Go Tribal

You know you’ve seen it. Walk into stores like American Eagle, and you are overwhelmed with all things Jean StoriesJane Herman Bishop, has recently featured this trend for Vogue’s 5 looks series. But tribal hasn’t just taken fashion by storm we’re seeing it everywhere in our rugs, pillows, and linens as well.
Boho Ikat by Villa
Surya, one of our largest vendors, carries a large selection of pillows and flat weaves in these designs. We also carry a large selection of Classic Home and Villa pillows in this trendy style. You can bring this style and pattern into your home in festive holiday colors to stay on trend and coordinate easily with your holiday home décor.

Just a few tips:

-Large pillows are for over-sized sofas and small pillows are for small sofas. You can mix and match, but be sure to mix it up and not have the same size pillow on a different scale than the piece of furniture.

-Mix it up in the bedroom. You can have various sizes and shapes in the bedroom. There’s no right or wrong on a bed.

Written by: Samantha Palacio

Monday, December 16, 2013

How To: Have Enough Seating for your Guests

The holidays have arrived! Family & friend are coming to visit, but have you considered how you're going to accommodate all these guests at your table? Rug & Home is here to put together some simple solutions for your dilemma. Add accent chairs to your living room that can be brought to the table or place a bench in your dining room for extra eating space away from the table. Great round dining table options make it easier to accommodate more chairs and dining tables with leaves allow for you to expand the table to fit your space. Long and skinny dining tables save space in width, but allow you to seat more guests along the sides.

Solution #1: Use Accent Chairs that are Versatile

Accent Chair from Paula Deen Home
A simple and cost-effective way to expand the available seating at the dining table is by investing in accent chairs. These can be placed in your living room year-round or, if your dining room is large enough and has a bay window, they can be placed in front of the window for great seat with a view throughout the year, and can then be pulled up to the table when you have more company.  Everything from more ornate varieties to fully upholstered parsons chairs give you a range of options to choose from to find what matches your décor and style.

Solution #2: Place a Bench along the Wall in the Dining Room

Bette Bench by Lexington
A bench placed along one of the dining room walls is a great way for guests to still be a part of the conversation even if they can’t be seated at the dining table.  We have a great selection of benches from solid wood, more rustic looks to sophisticated, upholstered styles!

Solution #3: Round Dining Tables provide Flexibility

Bolero Dining table by Universal Furniture
Round tables provide more flexibility than the rectangular or oval-variety because they typically have a pedestal base, therefore, you don’t have to fight with the dining table legs for space!  This allows you to easily fit more people at the table when necessary.  Check out several round table options that we have in stock right now!

Solution #4: A Table with a Butterfly Leaf makes Life Easier

A butterfly leaf is a dining table leaf that conveniently folds away and stores right underneath the dining table for quick expansion or contraction of the table and, therefore, the number of people you can accommodate!  And the best part: no more struggling with where to properly store the leaf.  See several of the butterfly leaf dining tables that we have below.
Klaussner Dining Table 845-096
Solution #5: Long, Skinny Dining Tables Allow for More Seating, Using Less Space

Dining tables that are narrow and long, combined with armless and slim dining chairs, allow you to fit in more seating, even in narrower dining rooms!  We have several sleek options available.
A America Midtown Collection

Sources: This article on “Small-Space Dining Rooms” on Better Homes and Gardens’ website provided some of the inspiration and ideas for the solutions in our blog article.  Check it out for more tips on how to maximize your dining space and personalize it with your style!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Golden Boys & Me

Just when you thought you can't put one more thing in your living room, you now have to make room for that seasonal favorite: the Christmas tree. Out pop the tape measures, the totes of decorations, and maybe even your hair as you try to figure out ‘how on earth am I going to fit this thing in my living room?!’ We’re here to help you with that frustration.

The most obvious choice is to look for a corner of the room that doesn’t involve total house rearrangement. Perhaps you can put that sofa/loveseat combination in an L-shape position to allow for a designated corner of Christmas cheer.

Most people want to display those beautiful lights for all to see. Do you have a bay window? Positioning the tree in a nook, like a bay window, will take up considerable less floor space and also likely continue with your existing flow. Positioning the tree next to a window allows you to enjoy it from both inside and outside the home.  

Create a cozy setting by positioning a comfortable chair for Santa while he piles all those gifts under that tree. This is also an optimal spot for mom while she hands them out on Christmas morning. Create an intimate setting by pairing two upholstered chairs next to a fireplace and positioning the tree nearby. Perfect for those cold, winter nights! If you have a fireplace be weary of placement with live trees especially. Position trees so they are not at risk for a fire hazard. 

If you're in a small apartment space, you may not be working with much wiggle room. If necessary, remove some underutilized accent pieces temporarily and stash them away in storage or guest room spaces. You can easily remove a side table to position the tree in a tight space, similar to the look that Golden Boys & Me has created. It is perfectly acceptable to put trees in multiple places throughout the home. Think outside the box: consider a small table-topper for an eating space. Add some small trees of varying heights to a buffet to add visual interest. Don't be discouraged if a 6-footer won't work for you. There are so many festive options to get you in the holiday spirit! Let shelving space do double duty this season. If you're using smaller trees, wrap your presents in coordinating, colorful paper and add some festive decor to mantels or bookcases without overwhelming your small greenery.  

If all else fails, consider putting the tree in a space that is less trafficked like Unskinny Boppy has done here.  The formal dining room, for example, may have ample space around the table and no one may be utilizing that until Christmas Eve. The downstairs family room, a breakfast nook area, an enclosed sunporch... all of these make great alternatives as well. 

Written by: Samantha Palacio

Monday, December 9, 2013

Radiant Orchid

The Pantone Color Institute has just introduced the new shades for Spring 2014. Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says, "This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium." We have fallen in love with shades of Radiant Orchid, and you can find it popping up in rugs and furnishings within our store. Pair this complementary color with neutrals and pops of Freesia for a cheerful space like these options seen here.

Orange is not just for the fall. You can also pair Celosia Orange with this Radiant Orchid for an entertaining children’s space as well. This room is sure to inspire some creativity.

Here at Rug & Home, we’ve got several options in home furnishings, rugs, and accessories to help you incorporate this color into your home. Use the following tips to begin incorporating this fun new color:

  • ·         Pair one of our rugs in this new color with existing neutral furnishings to update the look of your space without changing your large investment pieces.  
  • ·         Add fun lamps, vases, curtains, and even artwork to accent your space as well.
  • ·        Add some live greenery or some faux orchid plants to bring some life to your room.
  • ·         Be daring and paint an accent wall in Radiant Orchid.

Some of our TOP picks to coordinate with this new trend can be found online at Rug & Home: 
1. Rizzy Home Country CT3124
2. Rizzy Home Platoon PL2435
3. Rizzy Home Swing SG3117
4. Uttermost Honeysuckle Rose Pattern Art Set/2

Once you’ve visited our website, come back and tell us which of these new trending colors is your favorite shade:

What is your favorite shade from the Women's 2014 Pantone color equilibrium? free polls 

Written by: Samantha Palacio

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Top 10 Gifts: Under $100

The Holidays are here and the pressure is on! Fortunately for you, Rug & Home doesn’t require a pop-up tent and a long line to take advantage of some fantastic deals. We’ve compiled a list of almost everyone on your Christmas list and given you some thoughtful options that are sure to please even the most difficult ones to shop for. The best part? Everything is under $100!

1)      For the Hostess, you are sure to please with the Loloi Charlotte that we've chosen in a 2.3x3.9 for just $69.95.

2)      Your Best Friend will love you forever for this Owls Night rug by TransOcean. A 2x3 size is just $48.97.

3)      For the Teacher we've chosen this 3.11' circle rug from the Kids Life collection by Tayse. On sale now for $77, plus 20% off for our Rug & Home Online Grand Opening Sale!

4)      For the Kids we've chosen this rug from the Kids Life collection by Tayse as well. Little ones will love racing their cars around this track! It's on sale now for just $77, plus 20% off for our Rug & Home Online Grand Opening Sale!

5)     We've got lots of sustainable pieces and rustic inspired accessories at Rug & Home. For the Environmentalist we've chosen the Carmen Seagrass baskets by Imax. This set of 3 is just $78.40.

6)      For Dad we've got lots of unique accessories for the office like this detailed model ship. Just $27.95 to add some charm to his workspace.

7)      Thrill the Outdoorsman  with a welcoming rug for their retreat like this Rizzy Home Country Rug. Just $52 for a 2x3.

8)     We all know that gal who loves to entertain. Here at Rug & Home, we specialize in those pieces that make your house a home for all who love to gather. Give the Wine Connoisseur a warm welcome with this Cheers rug from TransOcean. Just $48.97 for a 2x3.

9)      You may not know what to buy for that picky teenager, but chances are they will love lounging on this lavish Faux Sheepskin rug! Just $59.95 for a 2x4.

10)   The Artist will love this fun pop of abstract, Metal Ring Décor by Moe's Home. We've got lots of artwork to be appreciated by any style: transitionalcontemporaryeclectic, and everything in between! This piece is just $43.75.

These are only a few of the great finds we’re carrying at Rug & Home for this holiday season. Visit us online or at one of our three convenient locations.

*Please note that some of these items are available in store only

Written by: Samantha Palacio