Monday, January 27, 2014

Touchdown with Recliners

Handles are becoming obsolete in the furniture world, but now that I've gotten your attention, let's talk about some options and benefits that a recliner does have.

Comfort Design
Did you know that many recliners actually have push button releases hidden between the seat cushion and the side of the chair so that there really is no 'work' involved? Companies such as Comfort Design, have made recliners so sleek that they not only do not look like your average recliner, but you can simply sit in the chair, push back on the headrest, and you are in nap mode. 

You can choose custom feet, rolled arms or straight, leather or fabric - the options are endless. Women are also finding it easier to select petite reclining chairs to fit their own comfort needs. Remember the days of getting lost in a giant Lazy-boy? 
Seven Seas

You now do not have to sacrifice floor space for comfort. Maybe you want a rolled headrest? For your more modern folk, Seven Seas designs several single cushion backrests that make these reclining chairs perfect in pairs for a sitting room. 
Contempo by Klaussner

For Dad, Klaussner does still carry that oversized, football-watching, traditional recliner. Klaussner's Contempo is the perfect place to nap through  enjoy the Super Bowl with your friends, though it's likely the wife would say that this particular style needs to remain in the mancave. Though, with so many eye-catching options and colors, can you really blame her?

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Written by: Samantha Palacio


  1. i can see some good recliners here in this site. i want some good sources to collect the best recliners

    1. We carry recliners for top brands such as Comfort Design, Lexington, Bernhardt, Seven Seas, Hooker, etc. Feel free to give any of our three locations a call, and we can certainly help you!