Friday, February 28, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

1. Sitka Lantern Floor Lamp // 2. Denley Candleholder // 3. Momeni Baja Collection, Green // 4. Bird Cage Hanging Chalkboard // 5. Momeni Comfort Shag, Lime // 6. Paula Deen Home Accent Chair

 A shag will always count as a favorite thing in my book. The comfort shag by Momeni comes in several fun colors, and invites you to just sink your toes into its pile! It is an excellent choice for a bedroom space. Geometric patterns are all the rage right now and the Momeni Baja collection has several to choose from. With spring approaching, this green would brighten up a sun-room with a contemporary edge. Every home should have a comfortable spot for reading and lounging, and this Paula Deen accent chair just screams: "get comfy!" The Sitka Lantern floor lamp would light up your reading space with convenience. Floor lamps are a great space-saver and come in so many different styles these days. Stay organized with this cheerful Bird Carge hanging chalkboard, perfect for jotting down small honey-do lists and little notes. This lantern style Denley Candleholder would make a beautiful addition to a dining room centerpiece when coupled with smaller coordinating lanterns. Pull up your favorite seat to enjoy this week's pickings of favorite things. We want you to feel inspired by comfort! Which piece would you incorporate into your home?

By: Samantha Palacio

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Making Changes: Karastan

When you think of Karastan, you may envision the colorful, traditional style rugs that they have been known for, for nearly 90 years. Karastan unveiled a fresh line of new designs, custom dyes, and shag style rugs at the Atlanta Market this January that we are unveiling this month in stores, and I'm here to tell you: these are not your grandma's rugs! Moroccan inspired  designs, lush family room shags... Karastan has opened up to a whole new market of rug buyers and we are thrilled for the opportunity to bring you the change.

About Karastan

Karastan takes pride in the easy clean up and longevity of wear. Have you heard of the "Wonder Rug"? In the midst of a Great Depression, Karastan introduced a 12x15 rug to the 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair. Here they invited 5 million people to trample this rug and they did it again 5 years later to total 13 million people gracing this tree of life pattern with muddy footprints, and many stories. The words: "If this rug could only talk," come to mind here. Look at this amazing before & after clean up depiction. If you are as intrigued as I am, read more about the story here.

Hard to believe a rug can retain such radiant luster after 80 years! I think this is a beautiful depiction of quality you can expect of this manufacturer. Karastan strives to match the quality and craftsmanship of its counterpart - the handwoven one-of-a-kind treasures we sell here every day. Down to the fringe and bright colors that mimic its counterpart, you would likely be fooled unless not a trained rug connoisseur. 

Did you know that by purchasing Karastan you are supporting domestic jobs? Karastan is a North Carolina-based company bringing local jobs and revenue back into our home state. 

Go Green

Karastan uses renewable ingredients such as wool and "renewably sourced polymers" committing themselves to the environmentalism bandwagon. The science behind the making of handwoven rugs produces a positive footprint on the environment with longevity reducing energy consumption. To break it down - much like wool hand-knotted's, these rugs can be passed down or sold off once your family has tired of the look. Their decades worth of wear insure less filling of the landfill and happy homeowners all around. 

By: Samantha Palacio

Monday, February 24, 2014

Style Alert: Vintage Modern

I embarked on this journey to vintage modern inspiration with much reading and much inspiration from various mediums such as Apartment Therapy, and even our beloved Pinterest. If you do a search for 'vintage modern' your results will display a wide range of understandings. From Hannah and Dave's vintage apartment [left], to the very new styling's of Schnadig flair back sofas and our beloved tufted backs. There are many ways to define this trend. 

A lot of homes nowadays have a mixture of vintage or older style furnishings, mixed with a few more modern trends. In other words, beloved well-worn pieces with a few newbies mixed in here and there. There is nothing wrong with this. This is what I would consider the average man's reality. If you fall into the bracket of fortunate folks who can build from the ground up and then still afford to furnish the whole house - lucky you! But for those of you who may be in the market for just the sofa, and not the entire living room group, we're here to inspire you too! Vintage modern is not a style that requires an entire room makeover, it encompasses a way of life. Are you feeling at home yet?

In the furniture world, we are seeing classic frames introduced in chic fabrics and custom color combinations to make a classic style jive within in a modern home. Have you braved the maze that is Ikea? I honestly look forward to the first of the year because I can get my hands on all the lovely catalog inspiration, eliminating my need to feel overwhelmed by so much stuff in their showroom. Ikea is notorious for its simplistic design and its sleek lines can often fit into this category. I have to commend Design Sponge whose use of Ikea products helped to create this simplistic version of vintage modern decor. A very attainable look and inexpensive upgrade if you are trying to decide how to dress up that hand-me-down kitchen table. 
Sleek consoles like this one pictured in Mememolly and Mike's apartment, are characteristic of how we are seeing modern furniture paired with classic (i.e. their tufted chair) furniture. Pastel Furniture carries sleek, modern consoles identical to this one and furniture manufacturers such as Lexington, Bernhardt, Century Furniture, and Hooker are all well versed in tufted. A tribal print or well-worn traditional rug would be envisioned in a space like this. 

I'm a visual learner so to give you another perspective on vintage modern decor, I've created a sophisticated take on the style using our Annie Sofa, Pastel TV stand, and Nomad rug by Kaleen. A Bernhardt industrial chic side table gives you a place to prop a drink and some fun mixed media art by Uttermost adds 'texture' and interest as a backdrop. Surya pillows in a complimentary pattern add comfort and fur has been very popular recently. Mixing different textures is a must for some depth. Vintage modern can match, or it cannot. It's not imperative either way, and that makes it one of my most favorite styles of decorating. 
If you're still looking for your niche, I'm not done yet. We've got upcoming trends in geometrics, tips for remodeling, and new product introductions that will make you drool so keep coming back for more home decor eye-candy. 

Written by: Samantha Palacio

Friday, February 21, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

1. Auguste Verdier 27" Wall Clock // 2. Desert Gabbeh by Momeni, Paprika // 3. Becton Modern Metal table lamp by Uttermost // 4. American Heirloom by Orian in Mahal Bisque // 5. Ride Framed Art // 6. Big Rusty Distressed dog statue

This one's for the gentlemen! Add a bit of old world feel to his office space with this traditional American Heirloom rug in a neutral blend that will create a warm feeling and ground the room. Likewise, this Desert Gabbeh will add some warmth and a rustic feel while bringing the quality and benefits of hand knotted wool. The Becton Modern Metal table lamp has a masculine feel with its clean lines, and the Auguste Verdier is both functional and a statement with its 27" size. Big Rusty is the perfect companion for your fellow. Not only is he large and lovable - you don't have to clean up after him! For the daredevil in your life, this Uttermost Ride Framed art adds a classic touch any motor-head will love. Any of these stylish accessories will incorporate some masculinity into your home. Which favorite thing is your favorite?

By: Samantha Palacio

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's a Revolution

In the famous words of Stacy London: "Shut the front door!" Feast your eyes on the Evolution & Revolution collections from Kaleen. These high-quality tufted wool rugs feature modern, geometric designs in vibrant colors that will work with any sleek design.
Teal is always a favorite. 
Navies are a calming hue and pair well with orange, yellow, and reds. 
The neutral grey tone in this rug makes it a great choice for a pattern-filled space. Just remember to mix it with a smaller, complimentary print.

Check our Facebook page for updates and photos of more rugs from these trendy collections.

In stores only, these fabulous collections (and more) are on sale for just $199 in a 5x8* size!

Not close to one of our locations? Shop our ONLINE sale! Rugs priced $199 and under here and here

*5x8 size is approximate. Different rug manufacturers may vary to 5 x 7.6 and 5 x 7.9.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mixed Media Craze

Mixed Media art is defined as:

A technique involving the use of two or more artistic media, such as ink and pastel or painting and collage, that are combined in a single composition.

The beauty of Mixed Media art is that it is not defined to one particular style. While mixed media art may work well with contemporary or eclectic home decor, it is a category all its own. Combining many different textures together, art can be made romantic, modern, whimsical, classic, and so on. There are no color restrictions and bits of paper medium or even lace are often introduced. Mixed Media is layer, upon texture of pure Art expression. It is not for the faint or neutral of heart.  

Art, as we all know, can be created to any scale to suit the needs of a home. From large headboard-sized canvas to smaller conversation groupings like this painting [to the left] by Alisa Burke. Alisa Burke is artist, teacher, and blogger whose original mixed media paintings have inspired an industry of reproductions, DIY-ers, and writers like myself to voice self-expression through art. Mixed Media is a form of Art and home decor with a heart of its own.  

Mixed media art has even crossed over into the fashion industry, like seen in this tutorial by Ashley at Lil Blue Boo. DIY-er's alike are re-purposing and recovering to create styles all their own using mixed media techniques. If you've never 'met' Ashley, I encourage you to take a tour around LBB. You will not leave uninspired. 

Companies like Uttermost have created prints that make mixed media art far more affordable than original, large-scale pieces. You can mix and match paintings of this style for an eclectic look. Depending on the size of the canvas, they are great conversation pictures for a gallery wall. 
'Hearts of the City' handpainted by Uttermost

Picture this: a functional sitting space inspired by Mixed Media. Here, we are pairing Rug & Home vendors, such as Caracole, around a Mixed Media art original of the city. 

Feeling inspired? Pick up a brush. The best thing of all about Mixed Media art?
It is about expression, not perfection.

Definition source: The Free Dictionary

Written by: Samantha Palacio

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Making your House a Home

Have you fallen into a rut? A decorating rut that is... It happens. Life happens. If you're overwhelmed by clutter at home, chances are you feel disorganized in other areas of your life as well. In our post on feng shui techniques for the home, we touched on the idea that your home should be a reflection of who you are. Today I want to share with you some more detailed ideas and quick tips that can turn your house into a home.

Change your color scheme. Select one color to be the focus in each room and then use highlights and accents in a similar hue to add contrast. Generally, you would think that too much color can be distracting, though if you fall into the rising category of people who love an eclectic style, it may be for you. Pick complimentary colors, add your accents in smaller interchangeable decor pieces and don't be afraid. We've seen a large trend in painted closets and pantry spaces. Paint the bookcase or media center the same color as the wall behind it — it will blend in and seem to disappear. 

One. Step. at. a. Time. Don’t feel like you have to remodel or redecorate the entire house to make it your own. If money or time is a constraint, concentrate on one room at a time. One piece of Artwork or even some framed photos can make a dramatic difference. Start small, and build upon that for inspiration.

Bye, Bye clutter. Chances are that if you're surrounded by physical clutter, you're mentally cluttered as well. You might find that you'll feel more in control of your thoughts and your time will be managed better if you can conquer the chaos that's occurring in home. Consider your morning routine. What type of tone are you setting for the day ahead? If you can't find everything you need to get out the door within a couple of minutes, you're likely leaving the house feeling flustered and rushed. Likewise, make sure you've created traffic patterns for easy flow from room to room. Take a breather, and read this article on how to get a Fresh Perspective in Just 10 minutes by Apartment Therapy. 

Getting rid of things we no longer use helps us find what we have. It also strengthens us emotionally. Releasing old possessions helps us release the past. Old griefs, guilts, grudges, and regrets disappear, enabling us to live more fully in the present.

- -from The Tao of Inner Peace

Balance, folks. Balancing light is a necessary concept, but balancing color is also important. If you’ve painted your walls a dark color, use touches of white to brighten the room. Lampshades, artwork, and throw pillows are all good options. 

Adjust the light. Good lighting doesn’t mean bright lighting. Balance light and dark to focus light where it should to be. Light fixtures are easy and inexpensive to change but can make a dramatic difference. A tall floor mirror adds height and captures light from around the room. 

Work with what you have. Instead of tearing down kitchen cabinets, change the facings and add new hardware. It's amazing what new knobs and pulls can do. Change the countertop or paint your existing one. Add an island if space allows and consider one that contrasts existing cabinetry for visual interest. We love the pop of color in the kitchen pictured above. Properly arranged accessories can also also make a room more visually appealing. Read Mandi's tips on staging shelves here

Not ready to buy? Repaint or re-stain your existing furniture. Add one new piece, like a coffee table or end tables. Little changes can make a big difference. Lucite is popular right now. The clear acrylic allows your space to feel larger, but the function of a lucite coffee table may be a necessary addition for storage.

Windows get the treatment. What's not to love about curtains?! They add color and texture, control sunlight, add height, and so on. If there’s not enough light, consider sheers to let in more sunshine. If there’s too much light, use darker, lined panels. Blinds have also come a long way in materials and design.

The bees knees. Imagine a place, a space, or a location that inspires you. Adjust the décor of your rooms to evoke the feeling that you get from being there. It can be in the artwork, in the furniture, in the accents… whatever it takes, do it, so you’ll feel like you’re living in paradise.

Invest… In the flooring. Add a new rug. Paint the floor. Change the flooring in a central room, and it can affect your whole house.

Still not sure where to start? Stay tuned for some upcoming posts that will inspire you to find your style. Take a look at Lauren Conrad's article on decorating for couples to find a niche for you and your spouse. Follow us on Pinterest for continuous shared tips & tricks. And as always, feel free to contact us if you have design specific questions. 

Written by: Samantha Palacio

Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Ways to Decorate with Functional Art

Source: Pinterest
One of the best ways to start sprucing up your space is to "shop" what you have at home. Not only is it free to shop what you've got, but you may find new uses for things that you love. Functional Art is the term for art that has multiple uses. This can be collections of practical items we all have at home such as bowls, plates, hats, baskets, etc. Our top TEN picks for decorating with functional items found in the home, include:

1. Bowls. Personally, I collect vintage Pyrex dishes. The "love birds" are my favorite and are a perfect example of "functional art." They are useful for leftovers, mixing, and organization, but they are also beautiful. I can store hair items, jewelry, or paperclips in these just as easily as mix a bowl of cake batter. The possibilities are endless. Displayed on white book-shelving, these colorful bowls would add visual interest to a space.

2. Hats. Create a boutique feel in your dressing area by displaying your head-wear instead of keeping it under wraps. Chances are you will wear it more often by making it visible! At a loss for what to do with hubby's extensive collection of baseball hats? Embrace his collection and display it in an eye-catching way. It beats a pile of them sitting on the dresser.

Source: Pinterest
3. Bags. For the Fashionista's, the same can be done for your fabulous handbag collection, a vintage selection of belts, and especially your jewelry! [Just remember to take time to clean these things periodically. Dust particles can damage certain fabrics.] 

4. Office Supplies. Organization tools in coordinating patterns and colors can also be very eye-catching. Choose office supplies in coordinating colors and storage bins that compliment to give your office space more of a uniform look. 
Source: Pinterest
5. Books. When arranged by color or size, books become decor rather than just a mismatch of reading material. There's a simple post here on styling shelves by Finding Silver Linings that might inspire you for some direction. A great shelving system lends so many possibilities to decorating on the cheap.  
Source: Apartment Therapy

6. Clipboards. A collection of clipboards can be functional for holding important papers, momentos, and artwork that the kiddos make, but it's also a very inexpensive way to create a gallery wall:

Source: Pinterest
It's also very easy to disassemble or rearrange in different shapes if you tire of it. 

7. Clothespins. Like the hat display above, clothespins ($1 for a whole package, folks!) that you probably already have a pile of in the laundry room, make great paper catchers and can be spray-painted, modge podge'd, or colored for customization. Use them to create a gallery wall, hold scarves, hang jewelry, clip chip bags closed for freshness, and more. 

8. Tape. That's right --> tape. Obviously it's used for repair and crafting, but it can also be used as home decor. This tutorial calls for washi tape, but electrical tape (which is a bit cheaper and probably in your toolbox) would work just as well. Tape as interchangeable wall decor is a very easy DIY, but can add great character:

Source: Everything Emily Blog
I've seen colorful washi tape used to frame photos as well as line shelving. Use it to highlight hangers for some funky closet closet decor if you dare. This solution is perfect for renters or college dorms.

9. Speaking of Hangers...

Source: Buzzfeed
This is one of my favorite forms of functional art: pant hangers on display. They're also great for scarf collections. 

10. Scarves. Scarves are obviously a functional fashion statement but they can become a beautiful decor statement as well. They are beautiful as window treatments and wall treatments as well. Do you have a hand-me-down from Grandma? If it's something you wouldn't necessarily wear, but is both sentimental and colorful - frame it! You will have something pretty to look at and a great conversation piece.

Source: The Hidden Harmony

Decor doesn't always have to be bought. Sometimes it just takes a second look around.

By: Samantha Palacio 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

1. Surya Frontier Rug // 2. Bourret Light Pendant // 3. Uttermost Rusty Gears Wall Clock // 4. Surya throw pillow // 5. Caracole Just Wing It // 6. Hearts of the City by Uttermost // 7. Amberlyn Sunburst Gold mirror by Uttermost

This week's favorite things add a bit of rustic charm to your home! This Bourret light pendant is a perfect choice to place above a breakfast bar in pairs of three. Need to know what time the dinner rush will be coming home? Add this Rusty Gears Wall Clock to your kitchen for an industrial chic addition that even the hubby will love. Pillows are a must have in the home. This neutral trellis pattern is the perfect choice to add some contemporary flair to your space that will work with many color combinations. The Surya Frontier rug is a popular flatwoven rug useable in a living room space, under a dining table, or even in an office for a pop of color. Which Friday favorite is your top pick?

By: Samantha Palacio

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dining Room Trends

According to traditionalists, a dining room must have a formal matching dining room set, preferably wooden. In a traditional home, these rooms are used only for special occasions, much like the good china and silverware. Insert lace doilies, a crystal chandelier, an over-sized Oriental rug, and some plastic on the chairs to complete the effect. Are you picturing it? Not very inviting. 
Unused space is a thing of the past! These days, square footage is a commodity. Modern homeowners want to use the dining room for everyday use and, fortunately, furniture and decorating trends have moved in the same direction, bringing it back into the mainstream of daily living.
The first change is one that has been happening for years. Trends continue to make the dining room less formal and more livable. Take off the plastic wrap and break out the everyday dishes. 
Dining Room Tables
The recycling craze has influenced the design of newest dining room tables. Furniture made
of recycled or "reclaimed" wood has become commonplace. Chopping blocks, no longer relegated to the kitchen, have begun appearing in dining room furniture.
Moreover, an industrial look is replacing the shabby chic trends of yesterday. Thick, recycled, rough-hewn wood paired with a silver or gunmetal base and legs have become accepted into the mainstream.
The industrial look is inviting for a number of reasons. Homeowners at Rug & Home love the sturdiness of the wood and metal furniture. Not only is it trendy, but it’s practical. These dining tables ably set the stage for a meal and then serve as the worktable for the kids’ homework or latest school project. These tables are sturdy and often weigh more than a small car.
Dining Room Chairs
Traditionally, a dining room set requires a matching set of six or eight chairs, whether the dining table is used daily or just for special occasions. The latest trend encourages mismatched chairs, creating a much more informal appearance that decorators and homeowners alike, love.
Are you guilty of picking one chair and ordering seven more to match? No need! You can mix colors, fabrics, and styles. Place a traditional Queen Ann chair next to an industrial gunmetal seat. Set a few chairs around the table with seat cushions beside plain wooden seats.
If you want something really different, good news: the bench is back. Benches have become an integral part of the communal dining spirit that’s transforming eating areas around the country. Benches can be made of recycled wood and matched with similar chairs, or they can stand on their own, covered in leather in complete contrast to your ladder-back chairs. Alternatively, go with two benches and two side chairs.
Regardless of what you choose, remember that dining rooms are now considered informal places to eat every day. Make your dining room a comfortable extension of the rest of your home.

Monday, February 3, 2014

How to: Choose the right size rug for your Dining Room

So you need a new rug. You may be wondering: what's the rule of thumb? Too large and it may it seem as if you’re trying to hide the floor. Too small and it may seem as if you’re trying to hide a stain. Choosing an appropriate rug size is not an exact science, but it’s not complete guesswork, either.

While you may be able to get away with non-traditional choices in other rooms, it’s best to follow the general rules of decorating when it comes to your dining room rug. Here are a few guidelines to help you make a smart design statement in your dining room:
  • When your dining room table sits on a wood floor, a rug underneath can save your floors from unsightly scratches made by pulling chairs in and out. A rug also protects your floors from spills.
  • A rug can muffle the noise in the room, easing conversation.
  • Aesthetically, a dining room rug provides a frame for the table, adding to the overall décor of the room. You can even place a rug over carpeting to bring style into your eating space.
Make sure the rug is large enough! While your table size and space limitations may actually dictate the size of the rug your dining room can accommodate, here are a few rules of thumb to remember when making your purchase:
  • Ideally, your dining room rug should be about four feet longer and wider than your table. You need 18 to 24 inches on each side so you and your guests can slide chairs out without worrying about falling off the edge of the rug. If your rug is too small, chairs can still scratch the floor and get tangled in the edge of the rug when trying to slide the chair back into place.
  • To determine the size of rug you need, first measure your table. Then add 36 to 48 inches to each measurement. Be sure to include any extra table leaves in your figure because you want your new rug to accommodate the entire length of your table. In most cases, an 8×10 or 9×12 rug will fit your area and leave plenty of room for your chairs.
  • Most rugs are rectangular, perfect for standard dining room tables. An 8-foot or 10-foot round rug can set off a circular table and compliment the style in your room.
As you consider your options and the best measurements for your space, take into consideration any sideboards or extra pieces of furniture in the room. Your new rug should not extend beneath those pieces.

If you've loved these tips on how to choose the best rug size for you dining room, stay tuned for Friday's feature on dining room trends! We'll be bringing you the latest styles and trends for your dining space.