Friday, August 1, 2014

Dorm Inspiration: Boy

Slugger Baseball Bat Wall Decor // Altered States Rug // Belding Desk Lamp // Moonlight Globe // Wristwatch Alarm Silver Geneva

Send your sportstar off in organized style with our baseball-themed hook rack. Perfect for jackets, towels, and more. Nourison's Altered States collection will inspire his inner rockstar and alternative interests with these fun yet affordable prints. The Belding Desk Lamp will add an industrial feel to his space yet offer ample lighting for studying. The Moonlight Globe is as sophisticated as it is functional. Grab a pair for studying and bookcase envy. The Wristwatch Alarm will insure he always makes it to class on time. Cleverly oversized, this under $100 find is both humorous and essential!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dorm Inspiration: Girl

If you've got a teen headed off to college, Rug & Home can send her in style with everything from rugs to occasional seating, lighting and accessories! The perfect way to hang accessories, clothes, and extra towels, our Inspired Wall Hooks will begin each day on a positive note. Display jewelry with ease on the Ava 3-tiered jewelry holder. As an alternative to traditional laundry hampers and storage bins, the Handsel rag baskets will brighten up her room and provide loads of cute storage. The Nourison Amore rug is both soft under foot and durable. The trendy trellis pattern will match most any decor in a neutral palette. Task lighting is essential to late night studying. Choose a lamp that's both stylish and interesting such as the Belding Desk Lamp. Every grad needs a few trendy frames to house treasured memories. At under $35, these Kamie Beaded frames are both trendy and affordable!

Inspired Wall Hooks // Ava 3-Tiered Jewelry Holder // Handsel Rag Baskets // Nourison Amore Rug // Belding Desk Lamp // Kamie Beaded Frames

Friday, July 25, 2014

Rug Buying with Pets in Mind

Pets are part of the family. Dogs, cats, and other animals share our houses and our lives. They therefore influence the decisions we make about decorating and furnishing our homes. This is especially true when it comes to rug-buying. Many pet lovers would rather live with bare floors than relegate their pets to the mud room or even worse — outdoors.
Whether it’s the musty odor a pet leaves behind, the inevitable accident during training, or the outright misbehavior that sometimes occurs, you need to consider the consequences of pet damage when you buy new rugs. The first line of defense for making your rugs — and your house — pet-proof is to consider the type of rug you lay on your floors.
Indoor/outdoor rugs come in a wide range of colors and styles now; they can complement almost any indoor decorating scheme. The beauty of an indoor/outdoor rug is that you can easily clean it when it gets dirty. Just take it outside, scrub it down with a mild detergent, and let it air-dry over a porch railing or clothesline. Niggling pet odors and accidental discharges disappear completely. Once it dries, you've got a rug that’s as good as new.
The weave on various kinds of rugs may undergo substantially more wear and tear than others when you have pets. Long nails and claws, for example, can get caught in hooked rugs. Simply by treading across a hooked rug, your cat or dog can create a snag or pull. Similarly, shag rugs and thick hand-tufted pieces, with pile that’s a quarter-inch high or longer, can catch long nails too. Your pet can pull out fibers inadvertently when trying to free itself. Instead of hooked or shag rugs, stick with flat, low pile to prevent this kind of wear.
If you prefer hand-knotted beauties on your floors (or if you’ve got other rugs you can clean), you must get to an accident as quickly as possible. Spot cleaners made by Capture® are ideal for such messes. Blot the cleaner on the spot with a wet sponge. Avoid rubbing or scraping, which can destroy the rug’s fibers and spread the mess. Use cold water so you don’t damage the rug’s color or wool fibers. Continue blotting with fresh cool water until the mess is gone.
For the best of both worlds (beauty and ease-of-use), we recommend a hand-knotted rug with a low pile. Rugs made of natural materials are the only ones you can have professionally cleaned. Once your pets have an accident on synthetic, machine-made rugs, they will never be pristine again. While you can certainly spot clean anywhere Spot made a spot, in the end, you may still be able to spot that spot. A thorough professional cleaning for your tufted or machine-made rugs just isn’t possible.
So if you have pets, your best bet is an all-natural, hand-knotted rug or an inexpensive indoor/outdoor rug. Even Spot will enjoy it.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Camotes Seagrass Ottoman  // Keira Small Aluminum Lantern // Talulah Carved Wood Mosaic Turtle // Ithaca Oversized Silver Shell Bowl  // Seahorse Decorative Plates S/2 // Authentic Indonesian Shell Boxes

Keep the summer vibe alive by adding some coastal-inspired decor to your home. Seagrass ottomans are a fantastic alternative to traditional seating as they can serve multiple purposes. Use one as a side table, add some extra seating to an area, or position one on a covered porch for a plant stand. You can never have too much lighting - especially candle lighting. Add a soft glow to this Keira Aluminum lantern - beautiful enough to shine all year. The Talulah turtle shimmers in mosaic tile and would add an interesting element to any garden or patio space. The Ithaca oversized shell bowl will be the center of attention. Place this on a coffee table, as a dining table centerpiece, or on a buffet and fill it with a multitude of special treasures. For any beach lover, this could be changed throughout the seasons to add fragrance or style to your home. These Seahorse decorative plates are a must-have at less than $15 for a set of 2! Wow. Jewelry holders, key holder, bedside catch all... There is so much potential is their substantial sizes. You really, MUST check these out. Authentic Indonesian Shell boxes make a thoughtful alternative to traditional gift boxes. Use these to gift small trinkets such as jewelry or display them on a vanity to hold cosmetic essentials. At less than $30 for the set, these are a steal. Click here to view more coastal-inspired decor.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Introducing: Lloyd Flanders

Rug & Home is excited to introduce a brand new line of Lloyd Flanders indoor/outdoor furniture. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes this long-lasting true wicker furniture is very eye-catching. Featuring some Sunbrella fabrics, the Lloyd Flanders line offers a variety of colors and patterns to be custom ordered in both our Gaffney and Kannapolis locations. Have questions? Feel free to give either location a call to learn more. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pretty, Practical Pillows

Pillows aren't just for your bed. Accent throw pillows provide an easy, inexpensive alternative to remodeling a whole room. Pillows can also solve those ergonomic troubles you may be encountering with your new deep-set sofa or your favorite, aging recliner. But don’t take our word for it; try it for yourself.
Create an instant makeover by adding several large pillows to your sofa. An odd number of pillows will kick the old traditional look aside. Look for complementary pillows instead of matching designs to embrace a more artistic style all your own. Find a combination that speaks to you. For example, place a big, down-filled, striped, ultramarine pillow on one end of the sofa with a smaller, solid, brighter green one in front of it. At the other end, go for a floral or contemporary pattern with splashes of green, pink, and white.
For a clean look, leave space between the pillows. One idea that’s worked for some is to set matching floral pillows on each end, and then arrange three smaller striped pillows in front of the larger floral pillows and in the center of the sofa. The five throw pillows create clean lines, plus guests can find their own comfort with or without them.
If your pillows are too small, they become dwarfed by the sofa, chair, or bed. Instead, choose pillows that are at least 18 to 24 inches in diameter to show off the new colors you’re bringing into the scheme. Place an unexpected shape in the center, such as a long, oblong pillow. Alternatively, mix it up with a few round pillows that contrast the larger squares.
Stick with linen, cotton, and duck fabrics in a modern setting. Add class to traditional rooms with silk or velvet. Tassels and fringe on pillows can enrich the room. To prevent your traditional look from getting too formal, mix up the fabrics and patterns a bit. Pair busy patterns with solids and stick with just two primary colors.
While you’re in the market for new pillows, consider how you’ll use them. If their appearance is paramount, the stuffing is not that relevant; however, if you plan to use them to help support your back, make sure you get firm accent pillows filled with goose or duck down. The pillows sold at Rug & Home can provide the support you need if you have trouble touching the floor when seated. If your lower lumbar is acting up, rely on large firm pillows — they can allow you to sit for hours in comfort while you visit with friends or watch your favorite TV show.
When shopping for pillows, you must try them out in the store. Place one behind your back while sitting on a sofa similar to yours at home. How does it feel? Is it firm enough? Does it give enough?
Another shopping tip is to choose pillows when you purchase a new living room rug or the picture that will hang behind the sofa to be sure the colors and patterns don’t fight. You’ll more likely avoid horrid mistakes when you buy pretty and practical pillows at the same time you make other decorating purchases. It’s like giving your room a complementary upgrade.
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Friday, July 4, 2014

Red, White, & Blue: Colorspiration

1. Kaleen's Matira Rug  // 2. Glory American Flag Wall Decor // 3. Bellante Table Lamp //
4. Blue Latah Lamp // 5. Nourison Ashton House  // 6. American Flag Wall Art

Happy 4th from Rug & Home! Enjoy some red, white, and blue colorspiration while celebrating this Independence Day. 

View more red, white, and blue now.

Monday, June 30, 2014

How to Select Lighting

A lamp is one of those home accessories that serves a dual purpose in a room. It delivers necessary lighting in a strategic location while its design provides your space with an added attraction. Your lamps — like your rugs, wall color, furniture, and pictures — make a statement about your style and creativity. Don’t pass on a chance to really make your room pop with personality. Seek out lamps that combine both flair and function. 

Before you begin the search for the perfect lamp, answer a few simple questions:
  • What do you do in the room?
  • How important is the light?
  • Do you want atmosphere or visibility?
  • Is there a spot you want to highlight?
Armed with your answers, you should be able to narrow down the functional aspect of your next lights glaring directly on your computer screen or television set. Similarly, a special painting or a corner filled with hand-blown glass will require its own unique lighting.
purchase. For example, if you’re primarily entertaining in the room, you need a lamp that can shine mood-altering ambient light as well as all-inclusive brightness to accommodate your guests. A room mainly devoted to reading requires directional lighting toward your favorite reading chair. In your office or den, you don’t want

Once you’ve developed a plan for the lighting you need, choose the type of lamp that’s most appropriate. Here are several tips:
  • Floor lamps are ideal for highlighting your favorite art or for showing off the general design of the room. Floor lamps also increase the amount of table space you have.
  • Task lamps work best to illuminate workspace on desks.
  • Table lamps give you an opportunity to add color and design to your décor.
  • Accent lamps can bring together your decorating theme.
  • In addition, lampshades can change the level of lighting in a room. Opaque shades are best for directing light while transparent shades brighten the whole room.

The style and design you choose should follow your general theme in the room. For example, in a den lined with dark paneling and mounted animal heads, set nature-inspired lamps such as the lamps made of antler horns carried by Rug & Home. A sitting room surrounded by windows may best be suited for a lamp made of tree branches. A replica of an oil lamp ideally complements a bedroom with a four-poster bed.

One final word on lamps: they don’t have to match. The days when matching lamps were required as bookends to a sofa are thankfully gone. An eclectic mix of lamps makes a room much more interesting and allows you to indulge in various pieces. So go ahead and place that turquoise art décor lamp on one side table and the squat multi-colored glass beaded lamp that you fell in love with while on vacation on the opposite end of your couch.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Trend Alert: Shibori

Shibori is trending on Pinterest these days and we love any excuse to incorporate Navies and calming blue hues into the home.

So what's so wonderful about this tie-dye style?

The technique of creating Shibori is unique - no two designs will be exactly the same. Likewise, it is very forgiving for those of us living with littles.

Shibori is a perfect way to add some combination of light and dark into home decor. After all, we all need a little white space.

Have some dingy white sheets? This technique is the perfect #diy to breathe new life into those linens.

White Buffalo Styling Co. did a beautiful job with some inspired office curtains. Seriously, beautiful job, Lindsay!

If you want to achieve the perfect eclectic-coastal vibe, this technique is for you! Pair a rug like our KAS Allure with a white sofa, a lucite coffee table, and a white sofa and you've got yourself a serene retreat.

Do you love it? Hate it? Have you DIY'd it?

We want to know (#wewanttoknow)! Follow us on Twitter and send us your DIY projects during our Summer DIY Series (#summerdiyseries)!

By: Samantha Palacio

Monday, June 23, 2014

5 Things to Try

[Photo Credit: Elsie Larson, A Beautiful Mess]
Beat summer boredom and add some flair to your summer decor with the latest DIY projects and tips from fellow Design bloggers. Throughout the summer we'll be sharing our favorite projects, home decorating advice, and featuring, you, our lovely readers.

1. DIY your own plant holders. Aren't these rope plant holders just darling? You could add colored tape, some fabric dye, or even beads for embellishment!

2. DIY your own floor pillows. Perfect for movie watching, floor dining, and a great excuse for family game night.

[Photo Credit: Alisa Burke]

3. Dress a Mirror. This colorful mirror project from Alisa Burke is one of the coolest Summer projects we've seen yet. Such a great way to reuse native materials and add pops of color/design unique to your own taste. Give it a try! If you don't have driftwood, use other natural elements native to your region.

4. Build a Summer Reading Fort. Build yourself (or even the kiddos) a summer oasis with just a few supplies. This project could easily withstand the summer and become a lasting tradition.

5. Create a Meaningful Home. Okay, so this is not really a DIY project per say, but it is a good idea. This story by Melissa of The Inspired Room will inspire you to to make your home function at its best for your family.

Have you been following along in all the fun? Follow us on Twitter and link your best DIY projects with #summerdiyseries!

By: Samantha Palacio

Friday, June 20, 2014

Size Matters

There are several things to consider when purchasing a rug however, size, is the most scientific variable. Anyone can determine the ideal size of a new rug by following a few simple steps:
1. Measure your entire room. Use a good-quality measuring tape, if possible.
2. Measure existing furniture. Either add them to your drawing or, even better, cut out blocks of paper for each piece, so you can easily and quickly “rearrange the furniture.”
3. Draw your room dimensions in scale. Include doors, windows, fireplaces, radiators, and heating vents, where necessary.
4. Measure the space you want to fill. Unless you want a customized rug (and are willing to spend the price for one), don’t get too specific. Measure out and mark off standard sizes: 4×6, 5×8, 8×10 feet. 
Tip: Use masking tape to outline the rug’s dimensions.
5. Always double-check your measurements. Like the seasoned carpenter says, “Measure twice; cut once.”
6. Size Matters. Go shopping! Find a store, like Rug & Home, that allows you to take the rug home and try it out for several days. You’ll know immediately if it’s the right size, but you may need longer to consider things such as color, pattern, and durability.
A few more thoughts:
-A rug that isn't properly sized for a room can make the room look uneven or unfinished. 
-Don’t size your space just with your eyes. A 6×9-foot rug that seems huge in the store may still be too small for the room once you get it home.
-Leave at least 18-24 inches of exposed floor in your room whenever possible. 
A new rug is like a new chair: you can tell in the store how comfortable it is, but you won’t know until you get it home how well it fits in to your life. Do your homework before you buy, but make sure you can return it if it doesn’t work.

Monday, June 16, 2014

4 Summer DIY Projects

The heat is on and summer is quickly approaching. During our Summer DIY Series, we'll be sharing our favorite Pins each week. Here are this week's Top 4 picks for must-try DIY projects to add some pizzazz to your home.

1. Hats are not just meant for winter weather. Can't you imagine this adorable Standing Hat rack with your best floppy hats and sunnies on display? With just a few simple steps and maybe 10 minutes of your time, you can create a cute little vignette in your drop zone. Spray paint it in a coral (totally optional) for an extra pop of color.

2. I'm sure you're familiar with using contact paper to line kitchen cabinets and drawers. It's wipeable, it comes in an array of designs/colors, and it's roughly $3 per roll. Prepare for something you may not have considered: it makes a perfect temporary wallpaper! You can paint it, you can spray it, or you could even give the kids some markers and have custom wallpaper designed by your kiddos. The best part? It's 100% one of a kind to your home because you DIY'd it!

3. Veggie-stamped art is truly winning me over. The kids will love any chance to play with food, but honestly, how can you not love this modern celery art? This is a really fun and inexpensive Summer afternoon project. I can easily see this used to dress up an outdoor food display during one of many backyard barbecues.

4. Coat hangers into potted plant holders could essentially be a free summer project! Visit your local dry cleaners to see if they'll lend you a few and start bending away. If you've got limited surface space for herbs or succulents, this could be a space-saving way to display some greens near a window or add fresh herbs to your summer cooking.

By: Samantha Palacio

Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer DIY Series: 3 Outdoor Seating Ideas

One of the greatest things about summer is outside entertaining. Whether that means a party under lights, a simply summer barbecue, or maybe even a romantic evening in a hammock, you will need an inspired space for all to gather.

Outdoor seating comes in all shapes, sizes, and prices but we've compiled three of our favorite easy and even affordable seating options for you DIY'er's out there!

Cinder block seating. This tutorial is so simple the picture speaks for itself, but you can view the tutorial here
This cozy corner is so inviting, you are thinking of star gazing right. now.
I'm not sure about the comfort level of this little area, but there's something very industrial and cute about this cinder block sofa.

Share more of your favorites with us over on Pinterest

Monday, June 9, 2014

6 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Nourison Altered States // Dalton Wood Desk Lamp // Essential Herringbone Rug // Klaussner Rugby Recliner // Ames Deer Rack // Comfort Design Leslie High Leg Recliner.

Give Dad the gifts of comfort and style with these six must-have gifts for Father's Day. The Dalton Wood Desk Lamp is a sophisticated option for the practical dad in your life. The height adjustment option will be both useful and stylish. Nourison Altered States is a masculine, youthful rug for Dad! Channel his creativity in a space designed with his musical interests in mind. Give Dad a buck worth showing off (and one that's much easier to style) - perfect for his home office or anywhere, really: Ames Deer Rack . The Essential Herringbone Rug  is for the dad who enjoys earth tones and natural elements in his space. For the sports lover, the Rugby Recliner from Klaussner is oversized, comfortable, and priced affordably. For the more traditional dad, he may enjoy the rolled arms and sophistication of the Leslie High Leg recliner. Whatever his taste, we've got something for all, here at Rug & Home!

By: Samantha Palacio

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Outdoor Oasis

With beautiful weather upon us, you're likely spending a lot more time outdoors. Making your outdoor living space can be an easy feat with a few personal touches and inspirations from our experts at Rug & Home.

Whether it be a small apartment patio space or a large outdoor landscape, use these few items to make the outdoors feel like an extension of your home:

1. Seating. Choose comfortable lounge seating whether it be chairs, hammocks, or an outdoor loveseat. Group these in a conversational style so that it's easy to gather with friends. If you're working with a small apartment patio, garden stools are a great alternative for combined table arrangements and seating!

{Tip: While you're sprucing up your space, check out this great post on cleaning outdoor cushions from 4 Men 1 Lady.}

2. Outdoor pillows. Go ahead and splurge for beautiful throw pillows in punchy colors to brighten your mood and your space. There are so many fun patterns and colors floating around these days and they add comfort for summer night reading sessions!*

3. Accessories. Something as simple as decorative candleholders can add charm to your outdoor space. There are lots of colorful options and groupings of varying heights make a unique centerpiece for an outside eating space. Colorful trays are also a great option for making it easy to transport food and drinks from indoor to outdoor.

4. Indoor/Outdoor rugs are a must. Have you seen the large selection of patterns lately? Patterns or pops of color can transform your patio in one easy step! Bear in mind how much exposure your space is getting from the elements. While indoor/outdoor rugs are designed for covered and uncovered space, natural grass rugs (like pictured above) should always be used in a protected area, away from dampness.

5. Planters. Unique planters are great way to dress up your greenery. Everything from indoor terrariums to cement pots are popping up on Pinterest these days. Browse through our selection of plant housings, and dress up your outdoor oasis today!

By: Samantha Palacio

*Make sure to choose a durable indoor/outdoor fabric (or store them when not in use). 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 Small Spaces to Love

etsy sign link

We are wrapping up small spaces month with five fabulous small spaces cleverly designed to meet their owners' needs.

Jacqueline's 400 sq feet studio space is inspiring. Being both work and home, she has maximized storage space with vertical shelving and storage-packed furniture. Keeping with a simplistic white color scheme, pops of color emerge here and there against the light background. A definite A+ in my book.

This is only 900 sq feet - are you kidding me? I was blown away by Ellekate and Tim's design in this loft space! They have every functional space of a traditional layout (dining, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.) and even separate areas for entertaining. Nothing is crowded, it has a feng shui vibe, and you could certainly find place for an impromptu yoga session! Ah-ma-zing.

I don't know which catches my eye more - the warmth that this hand-knotted rug adds to this living/bedroom space or the subtle pink hue on the wall that, even while surrounded by primary colors, acts as a neutral. Kelly's small (400 sq feet) apartment is tres chic!

Have you watched House Hunters lately? The term "open concept" is used frequently by homebuyers who desire an open floorplan format. The trick with an "open concept" is that it involves clever planning with few walls to dictate a layout for you. Ekaterina has done a beautiful job of defining her lounge space from her eating space in this airy London flat. While I am not a fan of the floating round rug, I do love that she didn't cover up those beautiful herringbone floors!

Closet turned bedroom - need I say more? What a fantastic idea to open up a small apartment and create a somewhat hidden oasis that surrounds you with things you love! Brilliant idea, Sarah! We've viewed some fabulous small spaces this month! Missed some? Check out these:

If you're looking for a wow factor, visit more Apartment Therapy's home tours! I find these real-life looks more addicting than Pinterest.

By: Samantha Palacio

Monday, May 26, 2014

Styling a Studio Space

Styling a studio space can be a tough undertaking. You're trying to create a home-y feel without the map of architecturally defined spaces. Though not impossible, it certainly requires a clear vision of what's ahead. The key to styling a studio is to keep only what you love and that which serves a purpose. Another really great tip is to think vertical. Walls can often be underutilized in traditional homes, but in studio space, these are precious commodities. Use them wisely and to their full potential.

Build walls. Or if you're not a structural engineer, create room "dividers" with functional pieces such as a large bookcase, privacy curtains, or get creative with clothes storage (like pictured above) that both divides a seating area and keeps your wardrobe at your fingertips.

Hang your lighting. Convert to hanging lighting fixtures and free up the need for lamps. Lamps both require hard surfaces, and depending on the size, can take up precious diameter.
"Book It" by Caracole

Functional Furniture. You should shop with the words "multi-purpose" in mind. Sleeper sofas, storage ottomans, and oversized coffee tables are three top choices. A sleeper sofa doubles as bed space or a bedroom if necessary. Storage ottomans quickly conceal movies, blankets, cosmetics, board games, and so much more. If dining space is unavailable, an oversized coffee table can serve dual purposes. Caracole's 'Book It' is my go-to option for a studio space. Books, movies, and storage all fit below, and the surface is large enough for (floor) dining for four.

Coordinate color schemes. Sticking with white walls and a monochromatic color palette will create a flow throughout the space. If you like more color, coordinate the areas you are trying to define, but please avoid a color explosion. A rainbow is overstimulating at best and you will tire of it quickly.

Create a focal point. Last, but most importantly: create a focal point. Start your design by determining where the center will be. Do you have a fireplace? Where's the TV going to go? Do you want your sofa to face towards or away from windows? The focal point will determine the placement. Structural details will almost always need accommodation. Plan for this ahead of time and then go from there.

Happy space planning!

By: Samantha Palacio 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Does lighting really make a difference?

Silk fibers as well as Wool fibers
Prior to having ever set foot in a Rug & Home store, I admittedly had never shopped for a rug in my life. Like most wide-eyed individuals, I was overwhelmed by the sizes and variety of options these works of art come in. You can only imagine my surprise when I settled on liking a slate grey number, it's dropped to the floor, and immediately the color has changed. Huh? To a rug shopping newbie, the concept of light and dark side can be a "wow" moment. What may appear bright and "light" on one side, changes to darker and less lustrous on the other. This is true of all wool rugs and even some machine made rugs though the intensity will vary based on color palette and fibers.

Silk rugs have the most variation in sheen. This variation is the nature of the nap of the rug (compare it to vacuuming carpet and the 'lines' that appear when vacuuming) and not a defect of any sort. If you're looking for an exact coloration throughout, your best bet may be a tufted or machine made rug, however, I would argue that the reversibility of sorts may be beneficial for certain seasons when you may want a different perspective on color. Silver sheen may be bright in a dull winter, but a grey tone may be more suitable to a colorful summer. Does lighting really make a difference? Absolutely! Look at both sides of your rug when shopping to get the full experience of color.

By: Samantha Palacio

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 Nursery Must Haves

With a new baby on the way, you’re likely overwhelmed by all the must have lists for baby essentials. While we don’t stock the baby shampoo, our design experts can certainly help you outfit a nursery that is sure to please both baby and mom. Here’s a list of our top 5 nursery essentials from Rug & Home.

1. Start with the floors first. We always start with the floors first and a plush, comfortable rug is a must have for bringing home baby. We have many styles to choose from, but our most popular rug for comfort is the Bliss by Kas. In many different colors to choose from, this option features a canvas backing and unbeatable price.

2. Seating. Late night feedings are going to require a soft place for parents to land. Klaussner carries a large selection of custom fabrics for you to match any color scheme and the Lacey Swivel Glider is an affordable option for comfort and movement. A favorite for sure!

 3. Art. Creativity is born at an early age, so introduce art and whimsy into your child's world from birth. You never know - you may have the next Picasso on your hands! 

4. Accessories. Cute accessories are a must-have in any nursery. Girl or boy, we’ve got plenty to choose from like these adorable owls from IMAX.

5. Lighting. Harsh lighting is a no-no in a nursery space. Soft lamp lighting is not overly exposed for newborn eyes and also allows you to sneak in and out with ease when needing to check on a sleeping one. With so many styles to choose from, we recommend using a minimum of two within the space for times when you need full light but also for a late night diaper change when one lamp would be sufficient. Lamps are also interchangeable within the home, making it easy to transition as the little one grows. 

  Need help planning a layout? Have specific questions on rug types for baby? Leave us a comment, and one of our design associates will be glad to help!

By: Samantha Palacio

Monday, May 19, 2014

Top 5: Inspirational Gallery Walls

We've seen these floating all over Pinterest. Gallery Walls are a must-have in homes big and small. They can be a display of cherished family photos or a framed art collection used to fill an awkward space. If you're trying to fill a large wall this could also be a very inexpensive way to do so. In an office area, a gallery wall is a great way to surround yourself with inspiration. Below are five of our favorite groupings:

1. Making the most of an awkward bathroom space with this unusual gallery wall. 

2. Corner gallery wall of family photos, clippings, and various art. Here they're making the most of the wall height.

3. An inspiration wall that extends to the floor.

4. An art collection in mostly black and white. 

5. An eclectic grouping of art showing that mismatched frames can be beautiful together.

Whichever direction you choose, a gallery wall is great way to make a compact - or large scale - display of who you are and what you love. Pottery Barn put together these examples of how to style a gallery wall. For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest page and like us on Facebook.

Written By: Samantha Palacio