Monday, March 3, 2014

Styling with Chevron

We're seeing it everywhere. That emphasis "zig zag" pattern also known as: chevron. How exactly are you supposed to incorporate this new trend into your home? Feast your eyes on some of these fantastic examples from Pinterest:

If you want to make the biggest statement, go for the rug! When choosing your furnishings, you should always start with the rug first. Work from the ground up, my friends! A chevron pattern can be found in many different color choices. It's also a simple, geometric pattern, making it convenient to style with florals and other abstract patterns within the same space. Make a glamorous statement with a black and white pattern like pictured above, or go for a neutral tone to use more color throughout the room. Notice how the striking yellow chairs pop a midst the classic sea of black and white.
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For a more subtle use of color, it's in the linens:

Not wanting to fully commit the pattern to the floor? A duvet cover, some throw pillows, or even the curtains are other great options. Notice how they've added bursts of hot pink to this neutral grey palette of chevron. Accessories are also easily changed if you tire of trends quickly. 

Better Homes & Gardens did a great tutorial on how to create a chevron lampshade here. A project like this is great for so many rooms throughout the home!

My favorite alternative to chevron, if you are looking for a subtle introduction, is Art. This easy DIY by House*Tweaking is done in a popular gold leaf paint and adds subtle light to this corner of her room. Art is one of the best ways to personalize your home. Your home should reflect the things that inspire you. What inspires you about the clean lines of chevron? Is it order? Consistency? Consider the answers to those questions when choosing how to surround yourself with this pattern. It may just bring some order to an otherwise chaotic space.

Chevron sure makes us happy! With such simple lines, I predict it will be staying around for a while. Want some more in depth advice on incorporating it into your space? Send a picture of your space to one of our designers, and we'll be glad to point you in the right direction.

By: Samantha Palacio

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