Monday, March 17, 2014

Styling with Rounds

"Styling and visual merchandising have become more of a personal reflection of the designer behind the brand, evocative of charm and character." - "Stories of Style" from Est Magazine Issue 12.

I love this statement made by an Est Magazine writer. Styling a home with round rugs requires a unique taste. Traditionally, rectangle rugs are preferred for their clean lines and ease of filling a room, but maybe you want something a little different. Maybe you have an odd shaped room? In any case, round rugs are no longer being used in dining rooms alone. Indoor/Outdoor options are available for patio use, living rooms can be styled with large rounds, and a round rug in a foyer can create a cozy landing strip. 

Mimic the same rules for the living room when using a round. The front legs should be touching and grounding the rug. It makes a perfect compliment to a round coffee table if you have one. 

You can also purchase a round large enough to fit all or most of the furniture on like pictured here: 
Steve Allen Photography via HGTV
Round rugs are traditionally used in large foyer areas, but look best when styled with a small table or some sort of vignette. Please don't create a landing strip in which your rug looks like the lonely island. A polka dot effect in a child's room can be seen as whimsical and cute, but from a design standpoint, please don't decorate your adult bedroom with a floating round rug.



Entry way landing strip:

Hooked indoor/outdoor rugs are ideal in foyer areas because they are high trafficked and make the first impression. Kaleen makes beautiful round rugs with their Home and Porch collection - everything from traditional to contemporary in trendy patterns like this chevron pictured hereLikewise, these are the  perfect patio solutions under a bistro set during those summer barbecues.

Are you using rounds in your home? Send us a picture! We'd love to see how you've styled with rounds.

By: Samantha Palacio

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