Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dining Room Trends

According to traditionalists, a dining room must have a formal matching dining room set, preferably wooden. In a traditional home, these rooms are used only for special occasions, much like the good china and silverware. Insert lace doilies, a crystal chandelier, an over-sized Oriental rug, and some plastic on the chairs to complete the effect. Are you picturing it? Not very inviting. 
Unused space is a thing of the past! These days, square footage is a commodity. Modern homeowners want to use the dining room for everyday use and, fortunately, furniture and decorating trends have moved in the same direction, bringing it back into the mainstream of daily living.
The first change is one that has been happening for years. Trends continue to make the dining room less formal and more livable. Take off the plastic wrap and break out the everyday dishes. 
Dining Room Tables
The recycling craze has influenced the design of newest dining room tables. Furniture made
of recycled or "reclaimed" wood has become commonplace. Chopping blocks, no longer relegated to the kitchen, have begun appearing in dining room furniture.
Moreover, an industrial look is replacing the shabby chic trends of yesterday. Thick, recycled, rough-hewn wood paired with a silver or gunmetal base and legs have become accepted into the mainstream.
The industrial look is inviting for a number of reasons. Homeowners at Rug & Home love the sturdiness of the wood and metal furniture. Not only is it trendy, but it’s practical. These dining tables ably set the stage for a meal and then serve as the worktable for the kids’ homework or latest school project. These tables are sturdy and often weigh more than a small car.
Dining Room Chairs
Traditionally, a dining room set requires a matching set of six or eight chairs, whether the dining table is used daily or just for special occasions. The latest trend encourages mismatched chairs, creating a much more informal appearance that decorators and homeowners alike, love.
Are you guilty of picking one chair and ordering seven more to match? No need! You can mix colors, fabrics, and styles. Place a traditional Queen Ann chair next to an industrial gunmetal seat. Set a few chairs around the table with seat cushions beside plain wooden seats.
If you want something really different, good news: the bench is back. Benches have become an integral part of the communal dining spirit that’s transforming eating areas around the country. Benches can be made of recycled wood and matched with similar chairs, or they can stand on their own, covered in leather in complete contrast to your ladder-back chairs. Alternatively, go with two benches and two side chairs.
Regardless of what you choose, remember that dining rooms are now considered informal places to eat every day. Make your dining room a comfortable extension of the rest of your home.

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