Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Ways to Decorate with Functional Art

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One of the best ways to start sprucing up your space is to "shop" what you have at home. Not only is it free to shop what you've got, but you may find new uses for things that you love. Functional Art is the term for art that has multiple uses. This can be collections of practical items we all have at home such as bowls, plates, hats, baskets, etc. Our top TEN picks for decorating with functional items found in the home, include:

1. Bowls. Personally, I collect vintage Pyrex dishes. The "love birds" are my favorite and are a perfect example of "functional art." They are useful for leftovers, mixing, and organization, but they are also beautiful. I can store hair items, jewelry, or paperclips in these just as easily as mix a bowl of cake batter. The possibilities are endless. Displayed on white book-shelving, these colorful bowls would add visual interest to a space.

2. Hats. Create a boutique feel in your dressing area by displaying your head-wear instead of keeping it under wraps. Chances are you will wear it more often by making it visible! At a loss for what to do with hubby's extensive collection of baseball hats? Embrace his collection and display it in an eye-catching way. It beats a pile of them sitting on the dresser.

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3. Bags. For the Fashionista's, the same can be done for your fabulous handbag collection, a vintage selection of belts, and especially your jewelry! [Just remember to take time to clean these things periodically. Dust particles can damage certain fabrics.] 

4. Office Supplies. Organization tools in coordinating patterns and colors can also be very eye-catching. Choose office supplies in coordinating colors and storage bins that compliment to give your office space more of a uniform look. 
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5. Books. When arranged by color or size, books become decor rather than just a mismatch of reading material. There's a simple post here on styling shelves by Finding Silver Linings that might inspire you for some direction. A great shelving system lends so many possibilities to decorating on the cheap.  
Source: Apartment Therapy

6. Clipboards. A collection of clipboards can be functional for holding important papers, momentos, and artwork that the kiddos make, but it's also a very inexpensive way to create a gallery wall:

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It's also very easy to disassemble or rearrange in different shapes if you tire of it. 

7. Clothespins. Like the hat display above, clothespins ($1 for a whole package, folks!) that you probably already have a pile of in the laundry room, make great paper catchers and can be spray-painted, modge podge'd, or colored for customization. Use them to create a gallery wall, hold scarves, hang jewelry, clip chip bags closed for freshness, and more. 

8. Tape. That's right --> tape. Obviously it's used for repair and crafting, but it can also be used as home decor. This tutorial calls for washi tape, but electrical tape (which is a bit cheaper and probably in your toolbox) would work just as well. Tape as interchangeable wall decor is a very easy DIY, but can add great character:

Source: Everything Emily Blog
I've seen colorful washi tape used to frame photos as well as line shelving. Use it to highlight hangers for some funky closet closet decor if you dare. This solution is perfect for renters or college dorms.

9. Speaking of Hangers...

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This is one of my favorite forms of functional art: pant hangers on display. They're also great for scarf collections. 

10. Scarves. Scarves are obviously a functional fashion statement but they can become a beautiful decor statement as well. They are beautiful as window treatments and wall treatments as well. Do you have a hand-me-down from Grandma? If it's something you wouldn't necessarily wear, but is both sentimental and colorful - frame it! You will have something pretty to look at and a great conversation piece.

Source: The Hidden Harmony

Decor doesn't always have to be bought. Sometimes it just takes a second look around.

By: Samantha Palacio 

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