Monday, June 2, 2014

The Outdoor Oasis

With beautiful weather upon us, you're likely spending a lot more time outdoors. Making your outdoor living space can be an easy feat with a few personal touches and inspirations from our experts at Rug & Home.

Whether it be a small apartment patio space or a large outdoor landscape, use these few items to make the outdoors feel like an extension of your home:

1. Seating. Choose comfortable lounge seating whether it be chairs, hammocks, or an outdoor loveseat. Group these in a conversational style so that it's easy to gather with friends. If you're working with a small apartment patio, garden stools are a great alternative for combined table arrangements and seating!

{Tip: While you're sprucing up your space, check out this great post on cleaning outdoor cushions from 4 Men 1 Lady.}

2. Outdoor pillows. Go ahead and splurge for beautiful throw pillows in punchy colors to brighten your mood and your space. There are so many fun patterns and colors floating around these days and they add comfort for summer night reading sessions!*

3. Accessories. Something as simple as decorative candleholders can add charm to your outdoor space. There are lots of colorful options and groupings of varying heights make a unique centerpiece for an outside eating space. Colorful trays are also a great option for making it easy to transport food and drinks from indoor to outdoor.

4. Indoor/Outdoor rugs are a must. Have you seen the large selection of patterns lately? Patterns or pops of color can transform your patio in one easy step! Bear in mind how much exposure your space is getting from the elements. While indoor/outdoor rugs are designed for covered and uncovered space, natural grass rugs (like pictured above) should always be used in a protected area, away from dampness.

5. Planters. Unique planters are great way to dress up your greenery. Everything from indoor terrariums to cement pots are popping up on Pinterest these days. Browse through our selection of plant housings, and dress up your outdoor oasis today!

By: Samantha Palacio

*Make sure to choose a durable indoor/outdoor fabric (or store them when not in use). 

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