Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 Small Spaces to Love

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We are wrapping up small spaces month with five fabulous small spaces cleverly designed to meet their owners' needs.

Jacqueline's 400 sq feet studio space is inspiring. Being both work and home, she has maximized storage space with vertical shelving and storage-packed furniture. Keeping with a simplistic white color scheme, pops of color emerge here and there against the light background. A definite A+ in my book.

This is only 900 sq feet - are you kidding me? I was blown away by Ellekate and Tim's design in this loft space! They have every functional space of a traditional layout (dining, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.) and even separate areas for entertaining. Nothing is crowded, it has a feng shui vibe, and you could certainly find place for an impromptu yoga session! Ah-ma-zing.

I don't know which catches my eye more - the warmth that this hand-knotted rug adds to this living/bedroom space or the subtle pink hue on the wall that, even while surrounded by primary colors, acts as a neutral. Kelly's small (400 sq feet) apartment is tres chic!

Have you watched House Hunters lately? The term "open concept" is used frequently by homebuyers who desire an open floorplan format. The trick with an "open concept" is that it involves clever planning with few walls to dictate a layout for you. Ekaterina has done a beautiful job of defining her lounge space from her eating space in this airy London flat. While I am not a fan of the floating round rug, I do love that she didn't cover up those beautiful herringbone floors!

Closet turned bedroom - need I say more? What a fantastic idea to open up a small apartment and create a somewhat hidden oasis that surrounds you with things you love! Brilliant idea, Sarah! We've viewed some fabulous small spaces this month! Missed some? Check out these:

If you're looking for a wow factor, visit more Apartment Therapy's home tours! I find these real-life looks more addicting than Pinterest.

By: Samantha Palacio

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  1. I absolutely love the quote about little houses. I've never heard of it before but it is so perfect. Thanks for sharing!