Wednesday, May 7, 2014

3 Tips for Styling a Small Bath

If you aren't blessed with a spacious throne, there are still several tried and true style tips to help you maximize space in this must-have room. If this room is the only of its kind, it's especially important to maximize the floor that you've got for ease of use and making routines as seamless as possible. Three of my favorite ideas for maximizing space and making the bathroom a room you will happily pamper yourself in:

1. Go vertical. Maximizing vertical space is especially important in this space where you've likely got things (i.e. cosmetics) that little hands don't need access to. Keep necessities at arm's reach and go higher with less frequently used products. There are many stylish alternatives to dated medicine cabinets these days so shop around for something that catches your eye. Reclaimed wood shelves for the rustic soul, lucite for your contemporaries, or maybe a slim bookshelf for the traditionals.

The Vargas Cutwork Decor Bowl is a beautiful selection for a bangle collection.

2. Organize & Sort. Simple wall shelves and well-designed accessories can even conceal your inventory. Personally, I love pretty bowls (for q-tips), vintage trays (jewelry, glasses, and sunnies), and sturdy baskets to house my accessories. Towels are well-hidden in Sea Grass baskets.

3. Bold Wall Color. Personally, I prefer to go BOLD in wall color, and choose an understated rug when styling a small bathroom space. Contrary to most belief, the bold color when paired with good lighting, can make the space feel more personal and like an extension of your home. Let's face it, ladies, most of us shower longer than 2-3 minutes and if you're using this space to get ready, your spending some time here. Why not make it pretty as well?

By: Samantha Palacio

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