Monday, May 26, 2014

Styling a Studio Space

Styling a studio space can be a tough undertaking. You're trying to create a home-y feel without the map of architecturally defined spaces. Though not impossible, it certainly requires a clear vision of what's ahead. The key to styling a studio is to keep only what you love and that which serves a purpose. Another really great tip is to think vertical. Walls can often be underutilized in traditional homes, but in studio space, these are precious commodities. Use them wisely and to their full potential.

Build walls. Or if you're not a structural engineer, create room "dividers" with functional pieces such as a large bookcase, privacy curtains, or get creative with clothes storage (like pictured above) that both divides a seating area and keeps your wardrobe at your fingertips.

Hang your lighting. Convert to hanging lighting fixtures and free up the need for lamps. Lamps both require hard surfaces, and depending on the size, can take up precious diameter.
"Book It" by Caracole

Functional Furniture. You should shop with the words "multi-purpose" in mind. Sleeper sofas, storage ottomans, and oversized coffee tables are three top choices. A sleeper sofa doubles as bed space or a bedroom if necessary. Storage ottomans quickly conceal movies, blankets, cosmetics, board games, and so much more. If dining space is unavailable, an oversized coffee table can serve dual purposes. Caracole's 'Book It' is my go-to option for a studio space. Books, movies, and storage all fit below, and the surface is large enough for (floor) dining for four.

Coordinate color schemes. Sticking with white walls and a monochromatic color palette will create a flow throughout the space. If you like more color, coordinate the areas you are trying to define, but please avoid a color explosion. A rainbow is overstimulating at best and you will tire of it quickly.

Create a focal point. Last, but most importantly: create a focal point. Start your design by determining where the center will be. Do you have a fireplace? Where's the TV going to go? Do you want your sofa to face towards or away from windows? The focal point will determine the placement. Structural details will almost always need accommodation. Plan for this ahead of time and then go from there.

Happy space planning!

By: Samantha Palacio 

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